Anne-Solène Rioult, Founder

The FACILitators

Anne-Solène in a nutshell

Originally from France, Anne-Solène has been living in Canada since 2001.

She has more than 20 years of experience, in both France & Québec. After working seven years in marketing, communications and business development at a prestigious business law firm, she decided to take the plunge and realize a lifelong dream: to create her own company offering business development and marketing counselling. She offers her expertise to start-ups and growing companies within Montréal, as well as international companies who would like to do business in Québec and need a better understanding of the Québec Market.


Thanks to her technical skills and experience in the entrepreneurial and business world, she helps these companies develop successfully. With a network of contacts in a variety of complementary fields at her fingertips, her ambition is to be the cupid of the business world and to facilitate professional synergies between individuals and growing companies. For more than four years, she has also acted a marketing and business development volunteer coach for the Fondation Montréal Inc., helping young entrepreneurs develop their businesses.


Before joining the legal field in 2009, she was actively responsible for communications in various business sectors. She worked as a Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Director for two natural and homeopathic product companies in Montréal.

Who are The FACILitators

The FACILitators' mission is to contribute to the economic growth of Québec by creating collective wealth through their professional actions with entrepreneurs.


They support entrepreneurs by providing them with multidisciplinary support services covering the main functions related, in particular, to the start-up phase of operations. More precisely, they want to target, in a non-exclusive way, entrepreneurs who have less government support and who represent two of the three key groups in our future’s entrepreneurship: women entrepreneurs and immigrant entrepreneurs over 36 years of age.

The solutions proposed by The FACILitators

In life, we must take the time needed but not waste it. The FACILitators offers a range of turnkey services, to cover all your business development needs, by putting a large network of professionals at your service.

The richness of their experience, drawn from diverse backgrounds, allows you to offer solutions to all your problems, developing customized tools adapted to your company.

"If you see a hungry man, give him a fish: you will feed him for a day, but teach him to fish and he will feed all his life." This Chinese proverb perfectly illustrates what they offer to their customers:

  • our strength: the art of networking to serve your success;

  • our vision: to make your talents emerge to surpass and succeed in business;

  • our tailor-made service offer: in line with your deadlines and your means.


We offer customized solutions and advice for:

  • businesses that want to do business in Québec

  • start-up companies

  • companies with 2 years + of business


As well as all-inclusive packages (focus group, press relations) or business coaching for entrepreneurs.


+1 514 705-5042


514 705-5042

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