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Quatre questions posées à Sandra Musso | Co-Founder
  1. Lors de notre rencontre ai-je répondu à votre problématique ? Si oui, pourquoi ?

  2. Quels sont les points positifs de cette rencontre ?

  3. Me conseilleriez-vous à d'autres entrepreneurs ?

  4. Travailleriez-vous avec moi pour résoudre d'autres problématiques ?

​Ses réponses :
  1. Yes, Anne-Solene was very helpful in outlining a clear strategy of how to approach our target market and how to clearly present and articulate our product offering and the value that it brings.

  2. Anne-Solene was very forthcoming with her knowledge and her contacts. By was of example, immediately after our first meeting Anne-Solene put us in direct communication with an excellent sales contact at a large firm.

  3. Absolutely. Anne-Solene, is a pleasure to work with and has a lot of valuable advice to offer, especially with respect to business development. 

  4. Of course ! 


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